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  • Our Mission

    To support ICT Manufacturers in quickly entering the Mediterranean countries markets, starting and maintaining a successful and profitable business.

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  • Reduced energy costs

    With the new generation of grid-connected PV panels, Solar energy is now available everybody. Like all products that last for decades, MAx Solar is a top of the line very full guaranteed High performance PV panel.. .

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  • Protecting your memories

    To Protect your memories for generations or to store critical data use Kodak Archival Media.

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  • ELONEX come to Italy ELONEX come to Italy

    Elonex entered eBook Reader sector in 2008 Since then have been market leader in the UK 1st product was 6" eInk eBook Reader launched exclusively with Borders Critically acclaimed. New range for 2010 includes UKs largest range of eBooks with 'something for everyone' and a remit to 'bring digital reading to the iPod generation'.

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3 warranties is better than one!
  • We are so confident of the quality of our Panel of Max Solar series that we offer 3 different warranties.
  • Max solar panels are guaranteed for producing a minimum output of 80 % of the nominal power for 25 years,
  • Max solar panels are guaranteed for producing a minimum output of 90 % of the nominal power for 12 years,
  • Max solar panel frames are guaranteed for 5 years against Manufacturing defect