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Solar Energy Products
  • High performance Solar panel

    How much space have you for Photovoltaic panel ?

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  • The Thin Film

    The panel of the future is the Thin film panel !

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  • Follow Magic

    Tracking the sun on a flat roof with snow ?

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  • Custom Rails

    Sometimes roof installation need to be made on ancient or different roof. The standards rails are unable to correctly fix it. We will be able to provide the solution

3 warranties is better than one!
  • We are so confident of the quality of our Max Solar series that we offer 3 different warranties.
  • Max solar panels are guaranteed for producing a minimum output of 80 % of the nominal power for 25 years,
  • Max solar panels are guaranteed for producing a minimum output of 90 % of the nominal power for 12 years,
  • Max solar panel frames are guaranteed for 5 years against Manufacturing defect

energy analyzer

When the power generated increase, the complexity of the installation is increasing even more. The capacity of optimizing the power generated by the inverter decline dramatically if the solar panel string aren't managed properly. that's when Black Magic become very useful.

Being able to monitor the single panel, as well as the panel's strings, an installation equipped with Black Magic can perform up to 25 % better of a standard one in case of variable weather, shadows, or simply a panel that underperform.In fact, the proprietary Neural Network Maximum Power technologies is able to react quickly to the changes that pertubate the best power point. The system automatically monitor the installation optimizing the effect of a rapidly changing irradiance, that is particular useful in case of partially shaded condition.As well by using the panel at most, the heating problem generated by underused solar cell will be mitigated.