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  • Mission

    To support Manufacturers in quickly entering the Mediterranean countries markets, starting and maintaining a successful and profitable business.

  • Aedena is

    1- a sales and distribution channel management company 2- offering full sales and channel marketing services 3- to small/medium size Companies in the technology industry 4- to help introducing and selling their Products and Services 5- using the best Distribution Channel 6- allowing to maximize their business opportunity in the Mediterranean countries 7- for a fraction of the cost of having their own structure

  • Looking for ambitious companies that:

    Want to have the best expertise to achieve the maximum results faster - But don't want to run with the implicit costs and liabilities - With Technology related products or services that can be pushed through a distribution channel - And willing to expand in the Mediterranean countries.

  • Aedena services

    Business Plan: development and implementation - Best distribution channel partners: selection and handling - Sales Forecast and Reporting: design and execution - Sales Programs: design and execution - Channel Marketing activities: design and execution - PR and Advertising: selection and handling - Terms and Conditions to partners: advising - Competition: surveying and reporting - ... And all what is needed to succeed in a territory !!!

  • Develop local Business & presence

    The Mediterranean market is a major revenues opportunity to fully exploit it an technology vendors needs: market intelligence,logistic support (distributors/retailers),public relations & advertising, channel marketing & sales support. - A local subsidiary means more effectiveness in the market: better understanding of the market, control of the business, faster increase in sales, fast revenues take-off. - Creating a subsidiary requires time & money & market knowledge to avoid misleading choices. In other words Local presence and local expertise.

  • Aedena your virtual subsidiary

    Aedena can supply all the services needed by a Vendor to start and grow a profitable business - These services can be purchased separately, according to the needs or they can also be grouped together to represent a Virtual Subsidiary for the Vendor - You will share our time and resources with: other companies NOT directly competing - Aedena will have bigger weight with retailer and distributors than any of the Vendors it represents making easier to introduce new product into the channel and cost effective to be present with your channel - Aedena could act as your virtual subsidiary, with no direct risks and implications with all advantages of a direct local presence without the disadvantages of a direct local presence - ready to become your fully owned and fully operated subsidiary when success is proven !

    Aedena srl
    via Agrate 12 Revislate
    28010 VERUNO (NO)
    VAT IT 01647650033
    phone +39 03 22 83 25 94
    fax +39 03 22 83 29 35
    E-mail: aedena@aedena.it