Ebook 7" lcd + Ebook 7" lcd wifi

700EB 7" TFT eBook

The 700EB is a great way to enjoy full colour DRM eBooks, music and colour photos on its widescreen. Entertain yourself wherever you are with thousands of your favourite digital files at the touch of a button.


710EB why the 710EB eBook?

"Create a magical product, with a revolutionary price point"
  Turn the eBook product from an expensive item to an accessibly priced, mass market product.
  Add value by adding features, and changing the perceived functionality of what an eBook does
  Bring the customer a fresh core user experience from a stylish product
  Change the eBook target audience from 45+ to include 'the iPod generation' and more
  Create a revolutionary product, with distinctive and differentiating qualities
  Create a new way to enjoy and experience digital media
   Provide a portal for innovative media creators to distribute future content
  Create something that doesn't replace a physical book but offers users an experience that a book cannot offer
   A straightforward, no-hassle content delivery mechanism

Introducing Colour

The eBook uses an amazing LCD screen to let you view pages in glorious colour, and its LED backlight means its great to read at night or in bed. With its touch sensitive screen you can navigate through menus and quickly flip pages of a book with the flick of your finger.

eBooks and Magazines

The eBook's 7" screen is a window to a world of next generation digital content. Without the confines of a still printed page the eBook lets you read colour eBooks, digital magazines, news, interactive books, comics, cooking books, travel guides and much more. Automatically turn from portrait to landscape just by rotating the eBook, and quickly change the font size to make reading easy on the eye.

eBooks and freeBooks

The eBook has storage space for around 1500 books (expandable to up to 60,000 books*) and comes preloaded with 100 free eBooks to get your digital bookcase started.
The eBook uses ePub and PDF (as well as various less widespread formats) with Adobe DRM protection so whether you want the latest chart topping novel or access to over a million free eBooks, you can download new content in no time.


Group your digital photos into albums and view your snaps as a slideshow. With the eBook's LED backlit screen it's a great way to pass around your photos for all to enjoy.

HD Video

Whether it's the latest Hollywood blockbuster or your home movies, eBook is a great way to watch video on the move. Its high definition graphics processing lets you watch HD videos on the eBook and even output to a HD Ready TV via HDMI (cable not included)

Music and audioBooks

Play your music or audioBooks to your hearts content using the onboard speaker. Using the 3.5mm audio output you can really get the party started by plugging in some external speakers or headphones.


The eBook connects to your PC using the new universal microUSB cable to let you transfer eBooks and multimedia with ease.
Its even got Wi-Fi (b/g) so you can download files directly to the eBook wirelessly.